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  • The equipment with the largest energy consumption in the water-cooled central air-conditioning system belongs to the chiller. The chiller is divided into reciprocating (also called piston) unit, screw unit and centrifugal unit according to the type of compressor.
  • Features:1. Full water system3. Hybrid (primary return air, secondary return air)The main components of the equipment are air-conditioning host (cold and heat source), wind cabinet, fan coil, etc.
  • Part 1: Maintenance objects:1.⑥ Cooperate to check the operation of the water system (including chilled water pumps, water flow switches, cooling water pumps, cooling towers, valves, etc.);
  • Keep the air in the computer room unblocked.4. Regularly inspect the cooling tower(1) Whether the tap action of the water distributor is good and whether the water distribution is even.
  • easonal shutdown and start-up When the weather turns cooler, the air-conditioning refrigeration system is disabled1. In non-frost areas, the water system retains tap water to prevent corrosion.3.